Quality, Safety and Legality of Food Policies

maintains a written Food Defense Program to address bioterrorism and other risks of product adulteration. Our facility employs a 24-hour security service and maintains an alarmed, fenced, and patrolled perimeter. Surveillance cameras cover production and non-production areas. All employees and approved vendors are issued ID badges that must be used to gain access to the facility.

Black Bamboo Enterprises Argentina.

It is committed to produce, market and distribute quality, safe and legal food, satisfying the needs of customers through compliance with:

The legal requirements established by national and international authorities, maintaining a single sanitary standard that protects the Consumer, ensuring the safety of all our products.

The requirements of the Clients, controlling the quality of our inputs and products. Keeping the process under control.

The requirements established by the Food Safety Standard, BRC, promoting the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System and Food Safety.

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we’re proud to offer products that are humanely raised on natural, sustainable farms. This farm environment is an integral part of our dedication to deliver the highest quality protein products. We believe in a “live healthy, eat healthy” lifestyle that goes far beyond the concepts of ‘green’ and ‘natural’. It’s about the transfer of positive energy from enriching the lives of our livestock to enriching the lives of you, our customers, upon consumption.



The plant is strategically located, close to the best livestock area in the country, and important consumption centers such as the city of Rosario and Buenos Aires. The high sanitary standard of the plant allows it to be enabled for export to the countries with the highest sanitary requirements. From the beginning of the production, process Quality is assured through a controlled production and in this way deliver to BLACK BAMBOO ENTERPRISES S.A. a highly reliable product, with guarantee of origin and traceability”

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